Who we are?

We are college students who are passionate about photography and visual aesthetics. In ours minds, everything can be turned into an artistic and unique piece of work. 



Name: Shawn Ye

Location: London, UK

Main camera: Canon 6D

Fav lense: 24-105 mm; f/4.0

Main shooting objectives: People, Landscape

Favorite drink: hot chocolate

Personal email: shawnye0222@gmail.com




Name: Eric Zhuang

Location: New York, USA

Main camera: Nikon D7100; Fujifilm XT2

Fav lense: 24-70 mm, f/2.8;

18-55mm, f/2.8;

50mm, f/1.4

Main shooting objectives: Architecture, Portraits, Lifestyle 

Favorite drink: Latte

Personal email: ericzyh@outlook.com

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Design work

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